OPN Pin Arbor Chuck

High precision interchangeability of formed soft jaws

Mounting geometry considering jaw interchangeability accuracy

OPN is a jaw retractable power chuck with excellent parallel accuracy and thickness dimensional control. Soft jaw specifications allow for easy on-machine forming on your NC lathe
The mounting part of the Soft jaws is designed for excellent accuracy and interchangeability, so that the soft jaws formed according to the user's procedure can be mounted on the OPN of the same size for excellent concentricity.

Jaw Pull-down Chucking in the half a century.

In 1977, we developed jaw pull-down type PA for the durable and the performance improvement of conventional small size I.D. collet chucks, and in 1980 developed OPA for the finish processing of O.D. clamping workpieces.
Since then, we are trying to develop the new-type jaw pull-down Design Chucks and propose to select our various jaw pull down formula design [e.g. the OPA-Swing Chucks and the Micro OPA etc.]



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