GC Cage type Gear Chuck

Gear pitch line basis Diaphragm Chuck

Cage type allows corresponding to various kinds of work-pieces easily!

The cage type gear chuck has a precision diaphragm chuck as its main body and clamp the pitch line with three gear pins inside the gear cage for internal grinding and turning of press-fitted bushings. Various gears within the clampingrange can be quickly and accurately handled by changing the cage.
The basic design of the cage includes three gear pins and a stopper [carbide or tool steel] to hold the pitch diameter of the helical and bevel teeth.

Diaphragm chuck is equipped with high-precision elastic restoring force.

Diaphragm chucks are used in precision finishing operations because of their high-precision elasticity and resilience, and because they are unlikely to be affected in precision by wear or the intrusion of polishing dust. We use disphragm chuck for finishing turning and grinding, for scroll compressor scroll machining, and for the main body of gear chucks for pitch line datum.

Diaphragm chucks were developed by N.A. Woodworth [now FORKARDT], and we have been designing and manufacturing them under license throughout Asia for many years.



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