Between Center type Arbor model(short)

7100 / 7200 / 7300 / 7400 / 7500 / 7600 / 7700

For grinding and measuring

The BETWEEN Center type is an internal diameter collet chuck that can be used as a jig for grinders and measuring machines that support both centers. Select and set the body and collet of the model number that matches the inside diameter of the workpiece, tighten the nut on the tip with a wrench to hold the workpiece, and use both centers and collets on the grinding machine.

Please select a collet from the selection table.

Pull Back Clamping function and Flat Surface

Both end slit collet and Pull Back function
Precise contraposition flat surface.
No influence even the mutual position of Arbor body and collet changes.
It is possible to add grinding if the clamping range has slightly difference.


  • "Tork-Lok" design
  • Geometrically sealed
  • Work-piece "Pull Back" function
  • Great accuracy
  • Less Collet breakage
  • Self-releasing
  • Sufficient stock



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