UG Universal Gear Chuck

There is no influence to run-out accuracy that could be caused by one-side clamping.

The finger jaws that move in an arc-motion have a large un-clamping diameter, and the inclined part on the opposite surface of the gear can be clamped reasonably, so that there is no influence of the run-out accuracy due to one-sided clamping.
The structure of the chuck is a ball joint mechanism that is less affected by wear and does not allow chips or dust to enter, making it an easy-to-maintain chuck. The actuator shaft has an integrated structure, so it is durable.

Diaphragm chuck is equipped with high-precision elastic restoring force.

Diaphragm chucks are used in precision finishing operations because of their high-precision elasticity and resilience, and because they are unlikely to be affected in precision by wear or the intrusion of polishing dust. We use disphragm chuck for finishing turning and grinding, for scroll compressor scroll machining, and for the main body of gear chucks for pitch line datum.

Diaphragm chucks were developed by N.A. Woodworth [now FORKARDT], and we have been designing and manufacturing them under license throughout Asia for many years.



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