OPA Pin Arbor Chuck

Extremely high accuracy and strong clamping force

Suitable chuck structure for finishing turning process

OPA chuck securely draws the workpiece into the stopper and accurately clamps it without horizontal deviations.
OPA chuck offers as high as 0.01 TIR of chucking repeatability and a long operating life.
OPA chuck is best suited for secondary machining that requires high accuracy.
OPA chuck ensures excellent durability without allowing the entry of chips.
OPA chuck provides high levels of adaptability to high speed operations.

PA/OPA are possible to do also air detect in the jaw section!

The stop's air detection system has been adopted a lot in the chucks for the FA production line, however, the jaw air detection system had some structural difficulties. TEIKOKU CHUCK, as a developer of the jaw "pull-back" type design & Pin Arbor chuck, developed the "Air Detecting Jaws" Pin Arbor chuck which is featured the air sensor in the jaws through the chucking pins.
This function enables to solve the problem caused by the dust on the jaws which had been thought as a weak point in the FA production line.

Micro OPA Air Chuck

Small size PIN-ARBOR Chucks with built-in air cylinder for precise turning processing.

Jaw Pull-down Chucking in the half a century.

In 1977, we developed jaw pull-down type PA for the durable and the performance improvement of conventional small size I.D. collet chucks, and in 1980 developed OPA for the finish processing of O.D. clamping workpieces.
Since then, we are trying to develop the new-type jaw pull-down Design Chucks and propose to select our various jaw pull down formula design [e.g. the OPA-Swing Chucks and the Micro OPA etc.]



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