Multi Jaw Compensating Chuck

High-performance chuck which exceeds the conventional Compensating chuck.

High accuracy clamping is possible with both center basis of low rigidity shaft work, even if it has large difference of thickness or diameter.

Conventional compensating is a mechanism in which the actuator is divided into a shaft part and a boosting part, and the jaws move freely within the clearance range. Due to the slight difference in frictional resistance of each sliding part, the run-out accuracy of a low-rigidity work-peice set by both centers increases. Moreover, the jaws must be replaced each time the work-piece diameter changes.
Since all floating pins of the multi-jaw compensating chuck have an even clamping force over all strokes, even low-rigidity and uneven thickness against both centers or multiple workpieces with large diameter differences can be clamped with high accuracy without change-over.


  • High accuracy compensating clamping for low rigidity shaft work-pieces
  • Wide range of clamping is realized without setup



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