Multi Jaw Combination Chuck

Various Multi Jaw Combination Chucks

The Total Design Concept Flexibly Meets Various Needs.

The UBL & MUL combination chuck is not only ideally suited for brake drums but also for the streamlining of production of other various thin-walled workpieces. Also, the total design concept of MUL allows the combination chuck to flexibly meet various requirements according to the shape and number of thin-walled workpieces, machining conditions, and required accuracy.

UBL & Multi Jaw Combination Chuck

With the multi-jaw clamp pins and support clamp pin (cap type), you can clamp various brake-drums' outer diameters softly and powerfully that are installed from large to small cars. It can be applied to the rationalization of production through various thin-walled work-pieces, not only for brake-drums but also for other work-pieces.


  • Provides powerful chucking.
  • Offers the highest level of roundness in OD clamping
  • Allows one machine to complete the total turning operation
  • Ensures operational safety by MUL guide.
  • Eliminates the effect of chattering.
  • Responds to various kinds of workpieces with the long-stroke MUL.



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