FDC Floating Diaphragm Chuck

High precision compensating type chuck

For high-precision grinding operation of both center support work-pieces!

The FDC floating diaphragm chuck is a center-compensating chuck ideal for high-precision grinding of workpieces supported by both centers, such as crankshafts and camshafts. The shaft workpiece mounted with reference to the fixed center on the grinding machine head side and the center on the tail side is gripped by the spring reaction force of the diaphragm. The lightweight diaphragm floats freely within a range of 0.1 mm to absorb runout of the rotary drive unit.

Diaphragm chuck is equipped with high-precision elastic restoring force.

Diaphragm chucks are used in precision finishing operations because of their high-precision elasticity and resilience, and because they are unlikely to be affected in precision by wear or the intrusion of polishing dust. We use disphragm chuck for finishing turning and grinding, for scroll compressor scroll machining, and for the main body of gear chucks for pitch line datum.

Diaphragm chucks were developed by N.A. Woodworth [now FORKARDT], and we have been designing and manufacturing them under license throughout Asia for many years.



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