Face Clamp & Special Collet Chuck

Our clamping technologies for difficult to clamp workpieces.

Centering by collet, and the face clamp jaws clamp the surface of workpiece direction, in order to suppress the deformation of the work-piece and hold the machining load.

A combination chuck contains multiple functions in one chuck that enables to handle difficult workpieces and save labor cost.

We solve high technical issue that cannot be solved by our special design chucks with proposing a combination design that has multiple functions in one chuck. As with special design chucks, the combination design, which is backed by free-thinking design, craftsmanship manufacturing technology, and reliable after-sales service, that brings a large number of delivery records with satisfactory performance, price, and delivery time, to all our customers who highly saticefied with our overall services.


  • best choice for finishing process.
  • also available operated with a single cylinder.



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