AC Tork Lok Fixture

Easy operation and strong grip

Easy lever operations/Suitable for machining!

The fixture is a manual collet chuck with a lever-type clamping device built into the drawbar-type arbor. A simple lever operation provides a strong clamping force on the arbor and can be used in machining centers, milling machines, drilling machines, and other machines for machining various workpieces based on internal diameter standards. Since auxiliary equipment and peripheral devices are not required, equipment and running costs are lower, making the machine more economical.

The drawbar type can be used simply by replacing the connector at the rear of the main body with the one for fixtures.

Please select a collet from the selection table.

Pull Back Clamping function and Flat Surface

Both end slit collet and Pull Back function
Precise contraposition flat surface.
No influence even the mutual position of Arbor body and collet changes.
It is possible to add grinding if the clamping range has slightly difference.


  • "Tork-Lok" design
  • Geometrically sealed
  • Work-piece "Pull Back" function
  • Great accuracy
  • Less Collet breakage
  • Self-releasing
  • Sufficient stock



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