AC Hand-Lok Collets & Arbors

With a dedicated handle for each size

Best Suited For Small-Lot ID Chucking

This is a manual collet chuck with cam type collet clamping device built into a drawbar type arbor. The mounting inside diameter is standardized to φ80, and all Tork-Lok collets & arbors and hand locking devices can be mounted on the spindle of lathes and grinders with a single dedicated adapter. Four sizes of hand locks are available, each with its own handle. Concentricity can be adjusted easily and precisely with the centering adjustment screw on the outer circumference of the hand lock.
Suitable for lathe, grinding machine, MC, milling machine, drilling machine, circular table, etc.

Please select a collet from the selection table.

Pull Back Clamping function and Flat Surface

Both end slit collet and Pull Back function
Precise contraposition flat surface.
No influence even the mutual position of Arbor body and collet changes.
It is possible to add grinding if the clamping range has slightly difference.


  • "Tork-Lok" design
  • Geometrically sealed
  • Work-piece "Pull Back" function
  • Great accuracy
  • Less Collet breakage
  • Self-releasing
  • Sufficient stock



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