Debut in MECT2023

50% Height reduction comparing to current product

Same high accuracy from elastic recovery, but thinner.
Regardless of the small Jig space, it is easy to clamp.


Achieving lighter weight by less height.
50% Weight reduction comparing to current product.
Easier to change.

Best for milling and drilling

Best for operation that requires a workpiece with a fixed position on Machining Center, Milling Cutter, Drilling Machining.

No need for grease up

Clamping by elastic recovery, no sliding part or complicated structure that causes trouble.
No grease up is required since strick sealibility prevents ingress of cutting / grinding dust.

Completely built-to-order design

Our chuck is completely built-to-order, we can design flexibly based on workpiece.


  • Approximate size
    width : 260mm、height : 68mm、Weight : 15kg


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