Design chucks


To solve high levels of technical problems that cannot be handled with conventional chucks, we offer various combination designs which allow multiple functions to be integrated in to one chuck. Those combination design chucks are created by our superb creativity and advanced manufacturing technologies accumulated for many years, as well as reliable after-sales services, and also have gained high reputation on the market in terms of performance, price, and delivery time. And that is clearly shows in their track records. They will surely meet your specific requirements.

FJD Jaw-escaping type Chuck & Face Driver

For all O.D. Turning process of Centre support shaft.

For Finishing Shaft Workpiece In One Chucking.

  • Can eliminate one process because the gripped portion can be also machined.
  • Reduces the load on the spindle because only light-weight jaws move forward.
  • Resists the entry of chips and dust into the chuck.
  • Accepts the general solid-type long-stroke rotary cylinder.

※This jaw retractable function is used for various kind of our Combination Design-Chucks, too. 



  • SFC Face Clamp &
    MDC Diaphragm Chuck

    For : Scroll Parts

  • OPA Pin Arbor & Lead ditch type Face Clamp Chuck

    For : Knuckles & Rear Axels

  • OPA Pin Arbor & SFC Face Clamp Chuck

    For : Main Bearing・Sub Bearing

  • UBL Compensating Special type &
    OPA Pin Arbor Chuck

    For : Torque Converters

  • OPA Double Pin Arbor [O.D. clamping] & Finger Clamp Chuck

    For : Air Conditioner parts

  • Jaw-Escaping type PA Pin Arbor & Mobile Stop

    For : Gear Blanks (All machining)