Design chucks

ダイヤフラム式 ダイヤフラム&ギヤチャック SOUL-Woodworthシリーズ

For many years, we have designed Diaphragm Chucks developed by N.A. Woodworth (FORKARDT/now) under a licensing agreement for manufacturing and sales in the entire Asian region.

Diaphragm Chucks feature high levels of elastic retaining accuracy and a reliable structure that can prevent accuracy deterioration due to internal wear and chips. For that reason, they are mainly used for high-precision finishing operations, such as compressor scroll machining, and are also used in the gear chuck body.


  • MDC マスタージョウダイヤフラム
  • FDC フローティングダイヤフラム
  • GC ケージ式ギヤチャック


  • BGF ベベル用ギヤチャック

MDC Master Jaw・Diaphragm Chuck

Ideally Suitable For Scroll Machining!

  • Offers 0.002 TIR of elastic retaining accuracy for chucking.
  • Has a reliable trouble-free structure to ensure long-time consistent gripping accuracy.
  • Allows very simple piping for pneumatic and hydraulic systems with the cylinder built in.
  • Ensures superb axial and end-face accuracy of the finished workpiece.
  • Offers easy, quick and accurate change of the upper jaws.



FDC Floating Diaphragm Chuck

High precision compensating type chuck

For high-precision grinding operation of both center support work-pieces!

The FDC Floating Diaphragm Chuck is the center compensation diaphragm chuck used to highly precise grinding process of crank shafts and cam shafts by both centers. The shaft work-piece installed between the center of the tail side and fixed center on the grinding machine head side as both centers is clamped by spring reaction force of diaphragm.
Light weight diaphragm floats freely in the range of 0.1mm, and the irregular run-out of the revolving driving unit is absorbed, so it enables to do highly precise process.



GC Cage type Gear Chuck

Gear pitch line basis Diaphragm Chuck

Cage type allows corresponding to various kinds of work-pieces easily!

The GC Gage Type Gear Chuck is dust-proof and water proof type of chuck and features interchangeable cage which is designed according to the gears to be machined. The GC Gage Chuck is based on high precision diaphragm chuck.
The stop is built in the cage. Three gear pins clamping tooth surface are made in compliance with the quantity of gears, module, pitch dia., and angle of torsion. When changing cages, loosen slightly 3 parcel of setting bolts, and unfasten the cages by turning anti-clock wisely and then set the cage for next operation in the opposite way. In this case, adjustment of concentricity is not necessary.
There are 4 kinds of Diaphragm chucks being used under this way which general numbers are #8, #10, #13 and #17 and for each of types, Draw Bar type/ Built in Air Cylinder type/ Push Pull type / Built in Finger mechanism type are available according to the way of use.



BG Bevel Gear Chuck

Bevel Gear tooth surface basis Finger Chuck

The BG Bevel Gear Chuck is a design power chuck, designed for rough and finished machining or grinding of reverse surface of the gear after standardizing gear surface of bevel gear and pinion gear. The BG chuck is able to keep machining accuracy to the gear surface by interchangeable type of gear cages based on 3 kinds of chucks (the Universal Gear chuck, the Face Clamp chuck [Jaw escaping type], and the UBL Compensating type) in compliance with customer's requests. The jaws of the BG chuck have floating function and can clamp uniformly the work-piece even if it happens small waving at the surface of work-piece. Exclusive gear cage has two kinds which "pin" method and "all tooth surface" method.
As for the "pin" method, it is cutting chip and dust resistant and "all tooth surface" method is excellent in durability. We are able to grant you your request such as resizing of the chuck, air blow for cutting dust / pusher or cage etc…