Design chucks

コレット式 AC トークロック コレットアーバー SOUL-Woodworthシリーズ

For I.D. Clamping – Tork Lok Function

I.D. (inner diameter) chucking is difficult because a sufficient clamping force is required with smaller-diameter chucking during larger diameter machining.
AC Tork-Lok Collets & Arbors, which features the accurately machined kinematic pair surface of the Collet to the Arbor, provides "Tork-Lok mechanism" that prevents slippage on the contact surface even during large-torque machining.
This type of chuck is highly regarded for its draw-clamping function, excellent accuracy and performance, and plenty of variety.


ストッパー基準は筒状ワークの奥側 一般的な小径把握基準ワーク 多種ワーク対応に簡易型QCCデザイン

Design-Collet Chucks are one group of our Design Chucks which our technical staff select from work-piece's shape, processing precision, cutting condition and other customer's requests.

※These pictures are our popular designs. Besides, we have various Design Collet chucks such as for eccentric clamping, for inside diameter of spline gears, Combination Designs and etc. Instead of these Design Collet chucks, we can offer various Mandrel type chucks too.

AC トークロックコレット&アーバー

  • ドローバー型
  • ハンドロック コレットアーバー
  • フィクスチャ
  • ビツインセンタ型

AC トークロックコレット&アーバーの機能と特長

Pull Back Clamping function and Flat Surface
  • Both end slit collet and Pull Back function
  • Precise contraposition flat surface.
  • No influence even the mutual position of Arbor body and collet changes.
  • It is possible to add grinding if the clamping range has slightly difference.


  1. "Tork-Lok" design
  2. Great torque
  3. Geometrically sealed
  4. Work-piece "Pull Back" function
  5. Great accuracy
  6. Less Collet breakage
  7. Self-releasing
  8. Sufficient stock



AC Tork Lok Collet & Arbor

Draw Bar type (with using Adapter plate, Stop, Draw Bar Joint etc…)

Standard Series

Standard Series is designed to cover a wide range of inner diameters from 12.7 mm to 113.4 mm.
Compared with the Short Series drawbar type, this offers larger bending tolerances and higher resistance against frequent idle operations, so it is recommended for use on short workpieces requiring a restrictor (for collet opening).

Arbor model

2110 / 2210 / 2310 / 2410
2510 / 2610 / 2710 / 2810



101~110 / 201~218 / 301~316 / 401~429 / 501~537 / 601~612 / 701~712 / 801~820 / 901~933


Short Series

Short Series is suitable for workpieces with a short clamping length.
Also, this is suited to reducing overhang of NC lathes or to performing a little heavy-duty cutting on workpieces that require a restrictor and would be susceptible to torsion during operations if standard drawbars were used.

Arbor model

8100 / 8200 / 8300 / 8400 8500 / 8600 / 8700



7101~7115 / 7201~7220 / 7301~7328 / 7401~7420 / 7501~7524 / 7601~7630 / 7701~7742



Hand-Lok Collets & Arbors

Standard・short / Suitable for all size (It is possible to correspond to all by only an adapter plate.)

Best Suited For Small-Lot ID Chucking

Hand-Lock Collets & Arbors employs a manual collet attachment incorporating a cam mechanism to allow easy use of the AC arbors that provide excellent performance in the inner diameter chucking.
For lathe, milling, drilling, index table and etc.



Tork Lok Fixture

Standard・short / Suitable for all size

Easy lever operations/Suitable for machining!

Tork-Lok Fixture is used with the "Tork-Lok" Drawbar-type arbor. This fixture gives great holding power to the arbor through easy lever operations. It can be used for a broad range of machining applications such as milling, drilling, and boring, allowing facility and maintenance costs to be saved.



Between Center type


Tork-Lok Between-Center Arbor is designed to hold the workpiece through the hole-referenced ID chucking and then to be supported between centers of machine tool for grinding operations and inspection.

Arbor model

1100 / 1200 / 1300 / 1400 / 1500 / 1600 / 1700 / 1800 1900

Arbor model

7100 / 7200 / 7300 / 7400 / 7500 / 7600 / 7700